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St. Matthew's was founded in 1880 by German Lutheran immigrant familes who wanted to be sure that their new home in Bridgeport would have a place for everyone to worship and serve together.


They chose to name the congregation after St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist, who answered Jesus' call, "Follow me" (Matthew 9:9).  The founding members hoped this name would inspire future generations of disciples to follow Jesus and spread the good news of God's grace in the community and in the world.  


Things have changed over the years, but our community still strives to be disciples and share the good news in all we say and do.  

137 Years of Serving God

"The chancel is the focal point in our church, in our approach to God our Father.  For here are the means of grace for our souls.  Here in the Sanctuary we bow our heads in silent and reverent prayer and meditation, giving God our own heartfelt thanks for keeping us in His gracious care throughout the past week." - from the congregational history,  A Century with God, 1980.  Compiled by Russel W. Stahl


Our sanctuary is still a place of reverent worship, whether we are bowing our heads in silence or raising our voices in song.  It is here that we receive forgiveness, grace, and peace to sustain us through the week.

Food drives are a particular specialty for the community and have been taking place for decades.  Also, every quarter in the offering plate each Sunday is given to ELCA World Hunger.  Over the years - that adds up to thousands of dollars going to help hungry people around the world!  


Giving of our time and talents has always been an important part of our life together as St. Matthew's.  It is part of answering Jesus' call to follow.

Luther Rose art project, Lent 2017

Food collections happen year round

Working on a Sunday School project

"[God's] blessings have accompanied us from our humble beginnings and he has guided our pathway... We should all be thankful that He has stood by our charter and early members in their efforts to begin this congregation and to provide us with this house of worship, which... is still being used to the Glory of God each Lord's Day." - A Century with God, R. Stahl


We are thankful for God's blessings as God continues provide for us as we do God's work for the sake of the world.