St. Matthew's Lutheran Church 

Serving as a beacon of God's love and Word.  

Sunday Worship: 9:30am 

6065 King Rd, Bridgeport, MI 48722


Ministry Spotlight

Holiday Worship Opportunities 

Sundays in Advent 9:30am


During this season as we gather to worship our loving, creative, redeeming Lord, we begin with our focus on the expectation that Christ will come again.  What does it mean for us, as Christians today, to live as God's witnesses with that expectation. 


As the season of waiting and expectation draws closer to Christmas, our focus shifts from what will be, to what God has already done for us.  We find ourselves waiting with shepherds and livestock, angels and the soon-to-be parents for the miracle of Emmanuel.  


Wednesdays in Advent

Dinner @ 5:30pm

Worship @ 6:30pm


If we are focused on God in the future and the past on Sundays this season, during our Wednesday worship, we are focused on God with us now.  We acknowledge our brokenness and ask for God's healing.


Wednesday 11/28 - Service of Healing for Creation

Wednesday 12/5 - Service of Healing for All Nations 

Wednesday 12/12 - Service of Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit 

Wednesday 12/19 - Darkest Night - Service of Healing in Grief and Loneliness   

Christmas Eve 




We join together to celebrate the

joy-filled reality that God loves us so much, that "the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth." ~ John 1:14


It is a celebration of hope.

It is a celebration of peace. 

It is a celebration of joy.

It is a celebration of love.  


It is a celebration of the greatest gift ever given, our Lord, Jesus Christ.       





We would love to have you join us in praise and fellowship. 

This is God's house and all are welcome.  

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Sunday Worship

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1st Service - 9:30am

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Beginning Wednesday, July 18th we will be adding our Picnic and Praise worship.  Stay tuned for more details.  

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